19 July 2015

Caversham Wildlife Sanctuary

The only thing we truly wanted to experience on my trip was to be able to pet a kangaroo and koala (realistically it was to also hold a koala). We found a wildlife reserve not too far from Perth that allows you to hold a koala, but getting to it without a car just proved a bit to difficult. Enter Cavershams Wildlife Park. I have to say, we couldn't have spent our last day together in a better place.

I have a love hate relationship with zoos. I love animals. If I could do anything I would work with animals but that job and this crazy Navy lifestyle just isn't too realistic. That being said going to a zoo truly lets you see all of the flora and fauna of the area you may be visiting without chancing it to Mother Nature being on your side. On the other end of that, I hate how small the enclosures are. I understand the space, but gosh does it make me sad.  Cavershams wasn't too bad. I didn't have my typical zoo breakdown for the animals, so that was a good sign.

Australia is full of many different wonderful creatures. We took our time walking around the park and were there for a few hours. I learned while black swans are beautiful creatures, they're also feisty devils as one nearly took my camera out. They're not on the top of my favorite list.

Caversham has hours during the day when you're able to meet the koalas. While you can't hold them you are still able to get up close and personal and pet them on their back while they slumber the days away. We were able to pet Brody who was a little cutie pie.

While adorable, I must say I was slightly disappointed in their fur! Unlike the kangaroos which were silky soft the koala was a coarser type of fluff. Nic and I had the conversation and if we could take one animal home I would want a kangaroo because of its fur, but practicality and the sweet sleepy cuddles make the koala win.

Thanks to Nic's sharp eye we were even able to see a little joey hand coming out of one of the koalas in a smaller enclosure.

We were also able to see an Australian possum (which is adorable especially compared to ours), beautiful owls, and get a picture with a wombat who is apparently quite ticklish.  If you're ever in the Fremantle/Perth area, it's worth the day trip. 

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