03 October 2012

One Day at a Time

I am willing to bet that these last two weeks have been the most overwhelming ones of my life so far. Between getting engaged and an important test in every class I am both exhausted and constantly excited and giddy. My sparkly left finger has acted as good therapy for whenever I get upset (I mean how can you be upset long when you remember you're marrying your best friend?! It's impossible).

While my motivation book is un-motivating to read and this weekend's on my brain I just keep telling myself to make it until Friday. I'll be free from all of my tests for a week and can turn the apartment into a fall heaven. Just keep swimming.

I found this little gem on pinterest the other day and thought it was worth sharing, especially since it's something I don't remember nearly as much as I should. It's easy to look at everything I need to do, and then get overwhelmed but life is a lot less scary when we look at each day individually.

Here's to conquering the rest of this week one day at a time! 



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