16 October 2012

For Those Off Days

We all have those days. You know what ones I'm referring too. The day where you got enough sleep but are just exhausted. Or maybe it's that you just did absolutely awful on a test (not my case, I just killed my feminism midterm). Or you're just starving and can't find anything good to eat, or rather anything that you actually want to eat. Or your all time favorite jeans decided that a hole in your knee was so fetch l-a-m-e. Or you just don't know why you're having such an off day but you just are and that's good enough. Well, I'm having one of those "table for one with a big serving of self pitying soup" kind of days.

As per usual I turned to Pinterest to try and cheer myself up. But the quote section was just not doing it today. It actually just made me feel like I'm being a baby for having a pity party day. Well Pinterest quote makers let me tell you something, we all have these days so boo on you. I then did what any normal person would do and found cute pictures of cuddly animals instead, and now I feel better. So here's to sharing!

How you feel now (pre-cuteness overload): 


How you feel now (post-cuteness overload): 

Oh, and I also found a video of a giggling penguin. Because if a giggling penguin doesn't make you smile nothing will.

Hope these pictures cheered up anyone who was having a "meh" day. I know they helped with mine!

Ciao love bugs. xoxo. 

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