08 October 2012

FreeFest & The Weekend

I had a fabulously fun weekend spent with friends and lots of cuddling. It was exactly what I needed after the last two weeks of mayhem with school. After much convincing and perfect timing Nic finally dragged me along to a music festival. I was really hesitant on whether I'd like it or not since I'm not at all into Skrillex. It's a bunch of scratching and not a lot of words to sing along with and I like to sing while I dance. But much to my very happy surprise it was a blast! I got to dance around like I was at eighties night again -- SCORE -- and wear a crazy outfit. Yes, that is my "crazy", sorry I'm not sorry about it. Anyways, the lights were awesome, the base was loud and I was with great people. Oh, and I'm starting to like margaritas again which is most definitely noteworthy.

The rest of the weekend was a lot more relaxing. We had planned on going to Grape Stomp on Sunday which is this amazing festival at a vineyard we love where you actually get to stomp grapes!! I've been looking forward to going since we visited the vineyard in April but it rained both here and there and an outdoor festival in the rain just didn't seem worth the hour drive. :( Hopefully we'll be able to make the trek next week. 

The rain brought in a drastic weather change. Saturday I was wearing a skirt and tank in the day and today I'm in a Northface, boots and considering turning on the heat. Fall has finally arrived! 

I must share some shots of how absolutely adorable Eevah is with the two of us. I love her (and Nicy, of course) beyond belief.  

I'll bid y'all adaeu with another good quote. It seemed fitting after FreeFest. Whether it's country, rock, techno or a good ol' banjo make sure to take the time to step away from everything and dance for a moment or two.

Have a fabulous week and don't forget to break it down a few times.

Ciao! xoxo

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