14 July 2012

Let's Play Catch-Up

I'm baaaaaaack! I move to Maryland and all of a sudden I drop off the face of the planet. I'm terribly sorry and we'll use this little post as a catch up. From Oriole's games to a wedding, a new job and pinterest cooking trails I've been keeping busy. Nic has also been living here since he came home from Africa in the beginning of June so it has been a month of "new". I also got a Mac and am loving it!

Here are some pictures for a quick catch up!

For the first time in four years Nic and I were able to spend the Fourth of July together! It was fabulous! We had a family picnic with both sets of grandparents and hick worthy amount of firecrackers. I love our country more than anything and it was so nice to spend time with the ones who mean the most to me celebrating our freedom.

My families cabin has been important for Nic and I. The first summer we started dating we visited my grandparents and sat on a swing that I had loved as a child producing one of my favorite photos of us.

Last year the tree the swing was attached to rotted and the swing is gone. Since it was uncharacteristically hot up here (I brought the heat up from Florida) we decided to go swimming in the creek. Here's a picture where we were getting Eevah to swim between us.

I also started school this week and love it! I'm excited to finally be at a "big" college. I got lost my first day, and the garmin and I don't see eye to eye on my desire to not go through the $3.00 toll nor Baltimore city. . So much as it took my through the $3.00 toll when I specifically marked "avoid toll roads" and had no money. A mini break down complete with tears and a nice toll booth worker later I was on my way without a fine! Thank goodness. It's been a bit rocky but it's a beginning! We'll see if how long I remain enthusiastic. According to my Fiction class I won't be as happy go lucky come the first frost. We'll see.

Oh, and I got to eat those babies with my dad! There's a place by my house that cooks them for you and you get to bring them home and smash them with a mallet! I loved it!

Ciao love bugs!


  1. He was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro! And going on Safari's. Lucky duck. There will be a post about it maybe today, or Thursday!