28 July 2012

A Little Back Track: Ring Dance

I missed quite a few great events to blog about during my hiatus and now that I'm back in action it is killing me that they were forgotten. This being said, I'm going to back track to one of the biggest events of Nic's Naval Academy career: Second Class Ring Dance. A brief explanation for those who are unfamiliar with the dance. . This is when the boys' class rings are dipped in waters of the seven seas "blessing" them into the Navy. Their rings are like their babies so it's a really big deal. They turn Dalgren Hall which is basically a big empty structure into the ball. Think high school dance in the gym but 100% more elaborate.

We both have been looking forward to it since plebe summer but for slightly different reasons. I haven't been able to get really dolled up since prom of senior year and I was itching to get into a ball gown. I'm not sexy but I tried to be in a blue gown covered in sequins and with a slit. It was interesting but I loved my dress in the end. He on the other hand was looking forward to getting his rings. One thing for certain though was that it really told us that we made it to firstie year!! YAY!

It was also Nic's twenty first birthday! A weekend of two incredibly important events! We stayed at his friends house and had a grand partying of a time but somewhere along the lines I have become a grandma and subsequently drink like one. . oh well. To each their own. I did manage to make Nic special birthday rice krispie treats -- and they were gluten free!

For all the younger NAG's looking forward to Ring Dance I have a few bits of advice.

  • Don't piss of your seamstress if she takes the dress in too little at first. She will be mean and take it in too much the next time and you won't be able to zip it while wearing any sort of push up bra. And if you're like me and weren't blessed with boobs that look awesome without a push up you'll be pissed.
  • The line for pictures during the dance isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. We got there an hour/hour an a half after it started about waited less than some of our friends who went earlier udring the day. I am not a big fan of the picture though and haven't found anyone who is. They cut off the top of the ring and every picture I've seen the people look sunburnt. (And I most definitely wasn't).  
  • Don't be one of the girls that had to be carried out because they were that hammered. 
  • Talk to the oldies. They're so cute and sweet and they really do want to talk to you! They're fabulous.
  • Ultimately this isn't your day, it's his. So maybe you'll end up missing pictures with your friends or won't get to hang out with them as much as you thought you would. Just remember why you're there -- and why you met them -- him. 
  • Have fun!! 

I was able to spend some time with my fabulous fellow NAG's! They've become my closest friends and I love them to death. It was awesome being able to go to something so important for your other half and be able to see people that are also extremely important to you too.

Ciao darlings! xoxo

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