24 July 2012

African Treasures

I like Giraffes (please read like the "I like turtles" boy) and this dandy picture is from Nic's Africa trip. I can't help but share it because they're absolutely beautiful! It's been over a month since Nic got back from Africa and now he's gone to California on his SEAL cruise. It's slightly sad. I was spoiled this last month and now the house is quite quiet. .

But anyways, Nic brought back some awesome wonders from Africa and I just have share them. . I especially love the gold bangle because it perfectly matches the watch he got me for Christmas two years ago. It was also made by the tribe members from collected metals from things like car bumpers!

I love all of the new wonders. The coasters are soapstone with picture of different African animals on them. They're as heavy as can be too. And who doesn't love a good conversation piece? 

Ciao loves! 

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