30 October 2016

Pumpkin Picking

Last weekend the temperatures dipped down to feel like fall so we decided to venture out to a nearby pumpkin patch.  It seems like the outskirts of Milton are full of farms and we had our pick of places to go.  We decided to try out Holland Farms simply because they had a sunflower field and the pumpkins were included in the price of admission.  We like pretty and cheap things.

We got there and it was absolutely adorable. Hollands is actually a peanut farm so you are given a cup of fresh boiled peanuts with your admission. My dad loves them and has eaten them for as long as I can remember but I don't think I've actually tried one in a long time.  I was surprised that I found them to be quite delightful.  I don't know if it was because they were fresh or maybe it was because we were eating them in the crisp weather while walking to a sunflower field. . either way my tummy was quite happy.

We decided to purchase five sunflowers that you were able to cut yourself in the sunflower field and three pumpkins.  I absolutely adore sunflowers.  It's just so neat how they move with the sun, and they get so tall!  They didn't give you anything to cut them with, and Nic didn't think of bringing a pocket knife (who would have?) so he snapped a few for me.  We spent some time just meandering in the field looking at the bees.  I have to say my husband is a great sport for how much he humored me.

Next was the pumpkin patch.  There were still quite a few pumpkin blooms and little green guys growing.  After walking around a bit we were able to find three that we liked.  Unfortunately one has since become moldy (ew) so we ventured to Publix today to buy another and somehow came home with two.  Four pumpkins for two people.   We're making up for not being able to find any to carve last year.

It was a great first adventure in our new home.  Pensacola is so different than Hawaii but being able to pick pumpkins in "fall" weather wasn't too shabby of a start to our new adventure.

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