08 November 2015

Volcano Winery

Originally I had all of the days of our trip planned out.   There are so many things to do and see on the Big Island, and we were only going to be there so many days.  I wanted to make sure we were able to see all of the items that really peaked our interest.  Our trip started out with our luggage not making it on our flight.  We may have gotten to the airport just a smidge close to our flight, and had to do curb check in due to the line inside.  Our luggage didn't get to the hotel until later that night so our plans got a little shifted.  It worked in our favor though, we were able to find the cutest little vineyard.  We're wine-o's and proud of it, and having the time to relax and have a wine tasting was the perfect way to start off our vacation.

We learned that there are two wineries in the Hawaiian Islands.  Volcano Winery and one on Maui.  We're hoping to be able to visit the other.  Some of the wines were delightful, while others were a little. . sweet and not really our taste. We brought a bottle of the Volcano Red home. It's definitely worth a visit!

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