08 November 2015

Kīlauea Ika Hike

We had a bit of a problem finding this hike.  It starts by the Kīlauea Iki Overlook parking lot.  When looking at the map from the visitor center, there is a point for Kīlauea Ika and a point for the Kīlauea Overlook.  Naturally I directed us to the overlook where we spent 45 minutes trying to find the trail head.  Needless to say, make sure to look at the map before you tell your husband to start driving. 

We really enjoyed this hike. It wasn't strenuous but you got a lot for the effort you put in.  We went counter clockwise simply because there was an entrance right by our car.  It seemed most people we doing the hike in the opposite direction.  Either way you won't miss out on anything.  You begin and end the hike with a few switchbacks under the cover of trees as you make your way down to the crater floor.  At the beginning there are pamphlets you can take for a $1 donation.  There are numbered markers throughout the hike that are explained in the pamphlet.  If you don't grab one you can find the information online and read it on your phone.  We typically just like looking around, but there was so much information!  The hike has you descend 400 feet to get to the crater floor.  Kīlauea Iki erupted in 1959 sending lava 1900 feet into the air covering the entire crater.  It's awe inspiring to realize where you are walking there was once lava.  You can still see steam vents throughout the crater. 

Once you get on the crater floor you follow the Ahu (stacked rocks).  It was such a clever way to give direction without ruining the environment.  We only did this hike while at the national park and feel like we were able to experience what we wanted.  Completely recommend it! 

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