23 September 2015

Kaena Point

I love this little island we're stuck on.  I have had Kaena Point on our radar for a while, but we've never managed to make the trek up there. This past weekend some girlfriends and I decided to take a truck off roading up to the sanctuary. Well, you now need a permit (and the combination to a lock) to get onto the road, so our short hike turned into a nice long walk.

We love to meander along so we added about half a mile - a mile by walking down by the shoreline. There are a ton of tide pools, washed up and bleached coral, and all sorts of other treasures. It is a beautiful coastline with the mountains on one side and a dramatic rocky shore on the other.

Once you reach the point you have to go through a gate. In order to protect the seabirds who use this area as nesting grounds, a predator proof fence was constructed and dogs are not allowed on the property. It's a reserve for albatross and Hawaiian Monk Seals.

It is well worth the drive! You can get to Kaena Point from the North Shore or the Waianae side, and both will give you a different type of scenery along the way.  I want to make sure to head back up here to catch sunset with Nic once he gets back -- and possibly take our Christmas photos. It's that gorgeous!

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