12 September 2013

Escaping Eevah

disclosure: For all you non-dog-folk, this is probably coming off super weird and crazy, but our dogs are like our children. That's the easiest explanation I can give. 

I love our miniature dachshund more than I can rightly explain. We got Eevah at the perfect time; I was over the long distance part in our relationship and was having an absurd time dealing with it.  I have amazing friends but I needed someone that would always be there and could listen to me without getting sick of it and after a year of searching, begging and pleading we finally found Eevah right around our fifth anniversary.

This little dog has been the best, and worst thing in the world. She was a horror with potty training and still has her off days. While they are far and in-between, it always takes me back to the agonizing days we went through. She's a really special dog though. She's the cutest beggar, best listener, and a perfect cuddle bug. She bark when she hears something and it's a bark that makes her sound a lot bigger than 8 pounds. And she doesn't dig -- something Stella just loves to do. But there's one major negative about Eevah. She loves to escape.

We found this out after my dad trusted Eevah outside in our backyard at home. I don't know how many times that little wiener dog somehow got out under the fence and ran around my neighbors houses. But we live in a development at home. It's safe. There's quite a few houses and streets before you get to any road. Once we moved out here one of the first things my dad said was to not let Eevah outside without a leash. I was following this advice but then Stella began to comprehend that "Stella get Eevah" meant to get her away from the one part of the fence where she could escape. The three of us were in perfect harmony, when I wanted to water the plants or prune something I would let them run around the yard to get some energy out and not really have to worry. Eevah didn't try to escape and even when she went in that corner Stella would coral her away from it.  Then enter Monday. I was happily pruning my mint plant when I heard Eevah barking outside of our gate in our neighbors yard.

The next few minutes were full of me chasing her down a main road, both of us running out in front of oncoming traffic, a malfunctioning pajama top and my super glued glasses completely falling apart. The only reason I was able to catch her was due to my hollering catching the attention of our neighbors (and the cars that we ran out in front of) and people actually stopping to help. An extremely nice woman pulled her car perpendicular on one of the roads in an attempt to spook Eevah back from Palm, the main road here when I'm more than positive she would have been hit. It thankfully worked and her need to bark at every dog caused her to bark at a husky behind a fence allowing me to belly flop on her.

There are really three lessons to be learned from Eevah's latest escape. Always listen to your parents, introduce yourself to your neighbors in a normal setting to avoid being introduced while looking like a crazy head, Eevah will never be allowed out without a leash.

I hope y'alls week has been a little less eventful. If you have a four legged friend give them an extra squeeze and remember to keep them on a leash. This definitely was a very large reality check to our family.

I'll leave y'all with a picture of Eevah at the Grand Canyon.


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