08 March 2015

In Harm's Way Party

We've been truly blessed to find ourselves in a wonderful neighborhood. Before we moved I had looked at the Forest City website and loved all of the old historic homes, and honestly envied everyone who was able to live in them. Since Nic's an ensign I was betting we would have zero chance of being able to live in a historic home. As you all know though we were able to move into a home in Luke Field which was constructed in 1918.

Other than the charm, one of the coolest things about living in this neighborhood is the sense of community. While our movers were moving us in numerous people stopped by to say hi and welcome us to the neighborhood -- things we've never experienced anywhere else we've lived. The historic homes on Ford Island have an organization which puts on monthly get togethers and one big shindig in December -- the In Harm's Way party.

It took place on December 6th, in front of the USS Arizona memorial. Everyone was dressed in 40s garb and we spent the night just like others did 73 years ago -- without a feeling of danger but instead one of bliss and happiness as we were surrounded by friends and drinks.

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