17 June 2014

My Favorite Day -- The Flower Fields

When we first moved here I heard about a place called The Flower Fields. As someone who loves flowers and has going to the lavender and tulip fields on my bucket list, this was just far too wonderful to pass up. 

It took five separate weekends of having planned to go to the fields, and then things kept coming up and it just got pushed further and further back. We thankfully were able to go before they closed Mother's Day Weekend and had such a wonderful day! Nic is truly a wonderful man who not only "deals" with what I like to do, but actually enjoys it. The fields are now closed but I cannot recommend them more to people for next year. We stopped at Whole Foods on the way and packed a little picnic lunch. 

Right as we were about to make the turn to get back on the freeway to head home I saw a sign for pick your own strawberries and freaked out. Nic somehow managed to get in the other lane, make a probably illegal u-turn, and before we knew it we were over paying to get a large container of strawberries. It was nothing like our strawberry picking experiences from Pennsylvania (the strawberries were raised, and we paid $20 for that bucket -- which is absurd) but it was wonderful and the perfect end to a perfect day. 

And then we saw a pick your own strawberry patch on our way home and nearly died. The last time we picked strawberries together we 


  1. sooo...is that your camera bag that you were talking about ?!

  2. sooo...is that your camera bag that you were talking about ?!