02 June 2014

Just be {June Directive}

I absolutely love being apart of Kate & Trudy's 2014 Directive, and in the beginning of the year I was doing really really well at it. And then in the same fashion as almost all new years resolutions, I fell off my shelf and have stunk at it. In order to get back into it, and feel like less of a failure when I log on and see I've accomplished none of last months goals, I'm deeming June the month to
just be. 

Life has been pretty hectic around here for the last few months. We've had visitors who've gone undocumented on this blog, trips, and just hanging around. It's honestly been wonderful. But for some reason I just haven't been able to sit down and get the motivation to blog about it. My writing voice has disappeared and the 10 posts which just need a little help to get finished have sat in the draft folder for months. 

In order to get out of this rut I'm just going to be and do me for the month. Our wedding anniversary was yesterday -- I cannot believe this -- and we were able to take a trip and recharge away from everything. It's amazing what spending time in the wilderness without really paying attention to your phone and without having to worry about the dogs can do. So instead of saying I want to post at least 6 times this month, and try new recipes, and just be a better blogger, I'm going to be a better me. It's easy to hit the goals of walking the dogs and relaxing, it's the blogging goals that just become daunting and more of a hindrance.  Hopefully I'll find the motivation to get my voice back without them.

And because I can't seem to end this without having some light "goals" for this month these are the easy low-key things I've come up with. These make us happy and aren't full of pressure so I feel like they're perfect for the feel of the month. 

Go on a new hike around San Diego 
Spend some time at the beach 

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