12 July 2014

My July Directive

I'm late on the bandwagon for posting this months directive, but, I'm a firm believer in better late than never. The beginning of this month has also been a bit stressful so sitting down to actually write down everything I need to accomplish in July just seemed like something that was going to lead to me crying.

This months "goals" are a little less static than all of the others. I literally have no choice but to do these which I think will make for a good way to jump back into blogging, and just accomplishing things.  If you caught our earlier blogpost this week you know that the California Hajners have some huge changes coming our way. When we moved out here we packed everything (including two dogs) up in a u-haul, attached my car to a tow, and drove cross country out to our new home. The first few days were quite eventful and having four living things in the front of a truck got a little stressful.

Anywho, since we can't drive our stuff to Hawaii the Navy is moving us. On one hand I'm super excited that I don't have to pack anything, on the other I'm terrified that all of our china, crystal and other things I love are going to arrive broken. Talk. About. Stressful.  Everyone says to put all your ducks in a row, take pictures of all your items, and make an inventory. Since we've known about this move for oh, 6 months, I totally have all of that done already right? l-o-l.

Things to do: 

- make an inventory of our household goods - 
- take pictures of all of our "of value" items and any damage already done to them -
- book our hotel for when we arrive - 
- continue to work out so I don't explode from keeping my stress bottled up -

Honestly, none of them are impossible, and some should even be fun. It's just actually doing them that seems to have been the problem. But seeing as time has started to run out and we have less than a month before the movers come I truly no longer have a choice but to get to work.

Kate & Trudy The 2014 Directive

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  1. Good luck with the move and I hope all works out!