03 November 2014


Halloween was pretty uneventful in the Hajner house, but I figured it still deserved a post simply because it was such an ordeal trying to get a good picture of the girls together.

Nic and I haven't been able to spend a Halloween together since high school. It isn't a big holiday so it's not the biggest deal but it's still a bummer. I have been able to see him the last three years so it hasn't been the end of the world but I still . I just hope and pray that once we have a wee little Hajner  (this is not a hint, no baby is in the oven) he'll be able to be around for their first Halloween.

Anyways, I had my first tricker treaters as an adult and it was surprisingly odd. I didn't expect any feels from giving out candy but I think I finally realized that I'm a grown up. The next time any tricker-treating is happening will most likely be us taking our children. It's a weird feeling.

I dressed the girls up for a bit and then Stella tried to eat hotdog Eevah. I had a friend and her two dogs over, finally tried pineapple wine, and got to have some warm cider and vodka. It was a wonderful night. Hopefully everyone else had a nice mellow Halloween, or a crazy one if that's your thing.

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  1. Ah that hotdog costume so adorable!! We had a pretty relaxing and uneventful Halloween as well. :)