20 October 2014

Weekly Wishes

Few things offer a better way to get back into the swing of blogging like getting back involved with a favorite link up. I loved participating in weekly wishes when I was blogging a lot and felt like it not only kept me on my toes with getting my weekly goals done, but it also gave me a reason to blog every Monday.

So without further adieu here's my first set of weekly wishes since being Hawaii. Nic's on an underway all week so I've set up a lofty set of goals for myself. Hopefully I'll come back next week with them all completed.

Weekly Wishes
October 20th

1) File our moving claim. This is going to get its own blogpost in the near future, but our stuff got delivered to us with quite a few damages including Nic's motorcycle on its side in its crate and our
TV broken. I want to get our claim in ASAP so we can get the money to get a new TV in time for the Army/Navy game. We all have our priorities.
2) Organize and set up the office. We had wonderful friends stay with us two weeks ago and my office became a bit of a shamble. It is labeled as a "maids room" (how you know your house was built  pre-1920's) and it's pretty small for a regular room, but it's perfect for an office. Now that no one is visiting I can pull boxes out and unpack them one at a time.
3) Order photos. We're planning on doing a gallery wall (I'm finding it to be one of the most stressful tasks) and I need to order the photos for the frames. While it's kind of cute
4) Continue my running plan. I signed up for my first race ever with some of the other wardroom spouses. It's a Color Vibe 5k on November 11th so it's not super serious, but I also don't want to disappoint myself. So I've started my 6 weeks to running 30 minutes plan again at week three and we're doing pretty well. Except Nic's not here this week so I need to really self push and motivate myself for the first time. Hopefully it'll go well.
5) Read the Book Club book. Our book club meets on the 29th and I'm not even close to finishing the book. I need to sit down with some coffee, turn on my paperwhite and just read. The problem is Gilmore Girls is on Netflix and I've been drawn into the Gilmore Girls binge watching marathon. Ay.


  1. Yay, welcome back! And have fun doing the moving claim, all my clothes were ruined, there was mildew everywhere, we had nearly 2500$ in claim and got most of it back, but the whole process is so damn annoying. I've learned my lesson this time and will be sealing all my clothes in those space bags. For ordering photos, keep track of those freebies from shutterfly, most of my prints are from there. And I found cheap frames at Target. You know how expensive frames can be ... don't get me started on custom frames!

    1. I think a bunch of our towels got ruined! They were thrown into our bookcase and wrapped with paper. I've washed them three times and can't get an awful smell out of it. I don't know whether they should go on the list? It's the damage and dings and dents in the furniture that I don't understand how to claim (sigh). I'll definitely look at shutterfly. We need to get two custom frames made and I'm dreading getting it priced out!

  2. Oh so happy your blogging again, girl! Isn't Gilmore Girls marathoning the best! I swear my productivity has gone waaaay down since it came on Netflix. Good luck on weekly wishes!!