15 October 2013

Maroon 5

For quite some time Nic and I have been talking about wanting to go to more concerts.  Music is a big part of both of our lives -- from mood lifters to work out starters to just making cleaning a little bit easier we usually have some sort of music playing around the house.  After talking about it it really seemed silly to not go and see bands that we love when they come into town if we can afford it.

Since moving here we've ventured to two separate concerts of two separate genres.  Nic talked me into going to see Krewella one weekend, which was fun, but I'm too old to be jumping around for five hours.  We got there when doors opened at 9 only to see that they didn't come on until 11:45.  Let's just say we both let out a very big groan together and ordered another overpriced drink.

I had wanted to go to the Maroon 5 concert more than anything, but, we couldn't justify spending so much money on tickets after our Krewella adventure.  Thanks to one of Nic's amazing friend, we got a free pair of tickets the day of.  To say I wasn't excited as can be would be a lie.

I read mixed reviews on the venue but we loved it!  We had lawn seats which were pretty awesome.  We brought a blanket and got to cuddle on it until they started.  Kelly Clarkson came on and was adorably awkward.  I didn't realize how cold it got at night out here. A heavy sweater and some jeans wasn't nearly enough.  Next time I'm giving in and wearing boots and a scarf.  Adam Levine was amazing as predicted.  I'm so thankful we were able to see them live.  Even though their tour is over, if you have the opportunity to see Kelly or Maroon 5 live you should go.  They're amazing.  Also, don't get scared away from reviews of Sleep Train.  We loved it, and it didn't take us all night to get home.

I'm excited to see who we get to go see next. Go see more concerts, they're the perfect date night and it's so fun to hear them on the radio and be able to say "Hey! We saw them live!" And now for some of the horribly little pictures I've taken. Such a small amount.

SO happy but so so so cold!

And here's a happy video. I've also officially put a new and better camera on my Christmas list (even though this is from Nic's phone, but whatever)

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