25 September 2013

Our Big Little Garden

We've been living here for almost three weeks so I think it's time to finally share some of our house with everyone! If you follow me on instagram you've already seen glimpse of our fantastic yard but I promise there's even more to see.

One of the selling points of this rental was that there was a big yard with actual grass. All of the houses we had been looking at either had no yards, a tiny yard, or no grass -- none of which really worked with our family. I missed my parents yard and knew how much easier it was going to make life with the dogs. I also wanted to be able to have somewhere to keep gardening and actually eat dinner outside. Then we found this house and all was well.

I had a teary goodbye to a tomato plant I'd been nurturing since before the wedding and finally had a bunch of little green tomatoes before we left. The poor thing would have never survived our cross country road trip so I gave it to my favorite people in the whole wide world -- my grandparents. It got a great home. Nevertheless it was depressing, so you have to believe my utter excitement when we walked in the gate and saw our yard and the biggest tomato plant with the largest tomatoes ever was just sitting there. I'm in heaven.

We have plumerias, hibiscus, roses, basil, limes, about 5 different types of peppers that I don't know how to use, eggplants and so much more. And our neighbors have an apple tree and the apples are red but they aren't picking them. I'm trying to work up the nerve to go knock on their door and ask to pick them, but, I'm terrified that they're going to look at me like I'm crazy and say no.

Here are some pictures. If you're ever in California please come visit. I would love to have guests over to sit at our table with some lemonade or mojitos and just talk. (I'm feeling a bit homesick).

We have tons of peppers and veggies that were growing in the yard. Our neighbors also have an apple tree that I was planning on picking from, but, they picked them all a few days ago. 

We have so many different types of flowers blooming! 

We're decorating for fall/Halloween this weekend so you can expect some fabulous festive pictures sometime soon. And next week you might just get to see the inside of our home. Eek!


  1. love love love love love love. lets hang outtttt

  2. Awesome! What a great little garden!

    I tagged you in my post! Check it out here: http://latitudeadjustment1.blogspot.com/2013/09/ive-been-tagged-6-things-about-me.html

  3. How lovely! I have garden-envy :)

  4. Those flowers are so interesting! I've never even seem some of those. Gorgeous garden!

  5. The 1st type of pepper is a hot pepper, you can use them in mexican cooking usually.
    the second type are bell peppers if you let them mature to full size.
    the 3rd type are your typically "spicy" red pepper. You can use these to spice up any dish, if you dry them out and grind them, they're really good and taste kinda like red pepper flakes. Hope that helps! :)