22 October 2013

The Little Things

It is so easy to get caught up in the things that we "want" or "need" and not focus on the beautiful little things that surround us daily. A few weeks ago I was having a moment on the couch while Nic was cooking breakfast and I just started to break down. I was stressed, we don't have any spare furniture but we're having guests for Christmas, we don't have photos on our wall, our grass is dying, and none of our friends are our neighbors (this was a big thing for me that day, not like it's something new). I just sat there whining and complaining and nit picking when Nic put down my plate of pancakes -- which I hinted I was in the mood for -- and they were all cut in the shapes of hearts and a pumpkin and fall leaf.

I decided in that moment to try to stress out less and actually enjoy the little things around me. We're so blessed to have each other, and to have been able to spend this time together and I need to remember that. So here's a few of the "little things" that have been making me happy as of late. 

- Nic gets up a lot earlier than the dogs and I do in the morning. Ever since the pancake Sunday he's managed to snuggle back into bed in the morning after he's all ready. It's not for long but it manages to really make me happy the rest of the day. 

- We only have one car which had been a little tough on the days that I want to go to the store or just go explore for a bit. We're so lucky that some great guys also live in IB and don't mind picking him up some mornings. While I don't mind driving him in, I'll be up for the rest of the morning and taking the dogs while me usually results in Stella throwing up in the car right when I pull into the driveway. Ew. 

- I haven't burnt anything in the oven lately -- and I've even made two different batches of baked goods. I think the oven and I are finally on the same page, which doesn't sound like much, but it is. 

- Stella started training two weeks ago and is a lot easier to handle! We've actually been able to go on enjoyable walks where she's not trying to dislocate my shoulder and I'm able to relax for a bit.

- I was asked if I'd like to have Kamariah Papaya Prints to be featured on one of my favorite blogs in November! This is actually kind of a big thing. 

- I finally finished unpacking our bedroom yesterday, and I organized the boxes still left in the garage. Not having any boxes in our bedroom has made it a much more relaxing place. And now we can actually use the other half of our garage.

- Nic complimented my new recipe yesterday. It was a nice quiet "this is really really good" and it just about made my day. 

If you're having an off day try to pick out something you're grateful for, or just some little thing around you that's new or makes you happy. It's so easy to get lost in all the "big" problems and miss out on the wonderful little things around you! 



  1. haha, I burn things less lately as well! That's huge for me because I've literally burnt water before. Everyone in my family knows I'm notorious for burning food. Sigh.
    ah well, progess!

    1. I was so good until we moved into this house! The oven just seems to be off somehow. . at least it's getting better? I have day full of baking coming up in three weeks and I'm nervous I'm going to burn everything haha.

  2. I know exactly how you feel on almost all accounts. When we lived in Florida I felt so stressed whenever we had people over because we didn't have a "picture perfect" house and definitely didn't/don't have money to make it picture perfect right now. And for some reason, we thought it'd be a good idea to bring Chris's old twin bed along with us on PCS moves as our "guest" bed... but all our friends/family are married! Ugh. But, I'm glad you're feeling better!

    1. I can't lie, I actually contemplated us getting a twin bed for a guest bed. It's definitely a bit hard. If we had the money, whatever, it'd be great, but we just don't. And as much as I'd want to get furniture for all of the rooms, I highly doubt we're going to have a house this big for a long time.