03 April 2012

Seashells and Rainbows

Spring break has always been important. It marks the quickening arrival of summer, is the beginning of the season of living in a swimsuit, it’s a well needed break from the hustle and bustle of school but most importantly it has marked the week of Nic and I’s anniversary, March 15th. This year it marked our sixth year together. Yes, six. If you do the math we’ve spent a third of our lives together. Absolutely bonkers.

The main highlights of the break were the discovery of The Walking Dead, Eevah's adoption birthday and our anniversary. As far as The Walking Dead if anyone has season 2 on DVD and would love to send it to me so I can watch them I’ll gladly return them with some cookies. Also if anyone thinks of spoiling anything from season 2 or 3, I will smack you on the head with a pool noodle so for both our sakes I really beg you not to. Eevah’s adoption birthday was March 11th so we’ve had her for a whole year! I had a doggy party planned in my head complete with a birthday cake and frilly dress for the little princess but it just didn’t work out. Instead Nic got her a pigs ear from Petco (disgusting) that she loved. Not the frills I had envisioned but she seemed happy enough. It’s crazy to look back at how small she was when we first got her.

The Florida House Inn
The main event of the break was our anniversary trip to Amelia Island. Nic got to experience his first bed and breakfast. Well more of the bed than the breakfast part because we never made it to breakfast in time (in our defense it was between eight and nine which is ridiculously early for a vacation breakfast).

Six year sunrise
We spent our anniversary waking up to see a beautiful sunrise and riding beach cruisers around the island for the day. Every one of us has something that can make us happy no matter what, one of those things for me are riding bicycles. I adore bikes, especially beach cruisers and few things can take me back to my childhood faster than feeling the wind blowing through my hair as I peddle and laugh. Therefore just riding the bikes was perfect in itself but we got to ride them to the beach. . which is another thing that can make me happy no matter what. Add the fact that I was with Nic and I was a happy camper. If I could have eaten the fried pickles that were on the menu at the beach restaurant we ate lunch at I would have been disgustingly happy. We ended the day by catching the tail end of a beautiful sunset and having a great dinner on the harbor complete with blueberry crème brulee. It was a simple but meaningful anniversary. No ribbons and frills, just spending time together doing things we love.

Beach Cruiser Happiness
Even better? I love stealing Nic’s shirts so as one of my presents he gave me one of the shirts he wore throughout his SEAL screener. It’s almost funny how meaningful it was. And I got a locket. And have his combat ring on my Pandora bracelet.

I’m happy. The end.


  1. Happy anniversary!! Sounds like you had the perfect day to celebrate :) Chris and I just had our 5 year in March as well! I love discovering couples that have been together as long as we have (or longer)...most people just think we're crazy, haha.

    1. Haha, we've experienced the fair share of crazy looks and reactions too! It is always nice to see other people who have been dating so long too though and especially from high school to college. Congrats on your five years! :)

  2. Oh my gosh you are TOO adorable for words! That sounds like the most fun anniversary ever!!!!! :D So happy for you two! xoxoxo