27 April 2012

So I moved to Maryland!

I'm sure quite a few of you are going to be caught off guard by this blog post. . and if you aren't I'm sure you were caught off guard by my "Holy Hell I'm moving" status on Facebook last Thursday. . So let me provide y'all with a quick explanation on why I'm now living in Maryland and how it happened so quickly. .

I applied to transfer to Towson University in the spring and was admitted but only given a week to move. I couldn't find an apartment fast enough nor could I just up and move that fast. So I waited to see if I could start in the summer and could. While this seemed easy enough we ran into an apartment disaster. Apartments up north are nothing like they are at home. To make matters even worse I was moving around Baltimore which means prices were even higher and the looming fear of possibly moving into the ghetto grew even bigger. I quickly learned that washer/dryers are not standard in every apartment, getting any apartment that slightly resembled all of my friends from home that I feel in love with was impossible, and pictures/websites are extremely deceiving.We sent Nic on what could be called a needle in a haystack hunt. The poor kid went to countless apartments that looked promising only to find they were ghetto. It's not a big surprise that I wouldn't do good in the ghetto. I have terrible street-smarts (mom says I have none, slightly true) and I scare easily.

Now enter my apartment complex. It's 30 minutes from school which isn't terrible since I drove 45 minutes to high school for four years. Quite frankly I didn't want to be right in a "college town" anyways. I'm over partying and I don't think I could stand living in a complex with a bunch of partying kiddos. Not to mention I feel a lot more comfortable with older people than kids my own age. Everyone here is amicable but not overbearing. And sadly most college kids -- especially boys -- are obnoxious and living on my own by them would get annoying. Mind you that's just my own opinion, I love all of my college friends who are boys, but y'all aren't typical. . Anyways back to the point: the complex is built by a little creek, there is a dock for fishing (and tanning in my opinion), and I have a balcony.

The only one bedroom in the complex was open for move in April 21st (my golden birthday) or June. . classes start May 29th so I had to take the earlier one, hence my ultra quick move.

I promise a post with pictures of the apartment, and a birthday post will be up soon! It's just been a wee bit hectic!

Ciao darlings! xoxoxoxo.


  1. So glad you found something you love! I'm like you, I prefer the quieter areas and that's where we always lived in college. I did like to party but I wanted it on my OWN time...not shoved in my face 24/7. Living away from it, you get to decide when to partake in it all, if at all. Which is how I liked it! (My high school was also a 45 minute drive from me!!! And those three years after college I had an hour, each way, commute to work.

    I can't wait to see pictures of your apartment!!!!


  2. I don't think we've ever talked but I moved to MD two years ago and know exactly what you mean!! Even though I am from the city, it was like, holy shit... ghetto and $$$. I drove 48 miles to school all year this year because I refused to live up in the ghetto anymore and in a college area. Some days it took me 2 hours to get home in rush hour but I didn't care. Plus, I was so over partying and SU was NOT a party school anyways even though many kids "think" it is... they just have no idea the school I came from. I hope you love it at your apartment!! I'm sure you will adjust fine and love Towson.