01 March 2012

President's Day Weekend

After a long bout of tests and being sick a long three day weekend with Nicy is exactly what the doctor called for. President's Day Weekend was spent in this GORGEOUS hotel right in Arlington. It's really pretty, has a Starbucks within walking distance, the shower is to die for and it’s only 5 minutes from Reagan Airport, 20ish from Annapolis and 10ish from DC. It’s fabulous. After my flight to Atlanta and a three hour layover there I was finally in DC. We spent the night going to the academy for Nic’s friends boxing match (I learned I just don’t get boxing, at all) and then I got my gluten free PF Chang’s. It really is the simple things in life.

Saturday was spent with brunch at our favorite little restaurant Fire Fly in DC and finding gluten free cupcakes at Hello Cupcake! They had banana cupcakes with peanut butter and chocolate icing. The chocolate was better. Like deliciously perfect. (We went back another day and they had gf tiramisu cupcakes. . not as good). The rest of the day was spent driving to and from Baltimore in a failed attempt at going to the Baltimore Aquarium and watching Happy Feet 2 with pizza. Gluten free pizza that was delivered. I was happy.


I would like to say that the Happy Feet movies and Wall-E are quite possibly the best movies if only for the fact that they are addressing problems that are happening in our world and are marketed towards children. Yes it is making a child believe robots can fall in love and penguins can talk but it’s also showing the importance of our environment and how much of an affect we have on it.

We finally got to the Baltimore Aquarium on Sunday buuuuuuut couldn't see the dolphins or jellyfish exhibits because we got in too late. . . complete bogus. But who doesn’t love the aquarium and smiling turtles?! We had a well deserved date night at Morton’s where I realized Nicholas doesn’t know the difference in water types when he answered “distilled, sparkling or Arlington’s finest?” with “yes”. It was adorable.

Monday was the touristy day with visits to the National Museum of Air & Space and Natural History. Both of them (I’m actually assuming all of the national museums) have IMAX theatres which are so much fun! We saw a video about how stars form  in the planetarium and then a movie about apes and elephants being rehabilitated and released into the wild in the Natural History Museum. It was in 3D. Go see them!

As always goodbyes are hard. The ticket man let Nic walk me to my gate (a first!) but I think we both decided we like it better when we’re running late and I have to run through the security gate to make my flight. It’s less heart wrenching and I’m less tempted to miss my flight and stay with him.

Ciao! xoxooxo

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