31 December 2015


This was by far one of the best days, ever.   As a military spouse you naturally watch homecoming videos, read blogs, and peruse Pinterest for Homecoming signs.  These always brought tears to my eyes but nothing prepared me for how I would feel for our own homecoming.  I was lucky enough to visit Nic in Perth, and then he came home for two weeks, but nothing compares to seeing the ship coming up and knowing he's home for a quite a bit.

We both got leis for each other.  I made his using plumeria from the tree outside of our home and some orchids.  Making a lei to welcome your heart home was a great way to spend the night before he came home.   Looking on Pinterest and seeing homecoming photos with cute homecoming signs made me want to bring a sign to the pier but the thought of having to carry it deterred me away.  Instead, I made a welcome home flag that we'll be able to have forever.  The girls also had on these adorable "Welcome Home Daddy" bandanas and life was just perfect and complete again.

PS: If you're looking for a photographer on Oahu, I cannot recommend Myria Ann Photography enough. A great friend who took all of these wonderful photos!


  1. Aw yay, homecoming is the best! There's definitely nothing to compare it to!

  2. i LOVE this!!! homecomings are FOR SURE the best in the world! it is an indescribable feeling!!!