21 December 2015


We were lucky enough to spend last weekend in Maui thanks to the Navy (never thought I'd thank them for something like that).  Nic's ship organized a family weekend cruise.  We left early Friday morning and cruised all the way to Maui, spent the weekend there, and came back Monday.  It saved us $300 in airfare and that's quite a big deal.

The trip itself was interesting.  Not all that fun, and it took way longer than anticipated to actually depart the ship once we arrived, which included someone falling overboard and a group of hangry people in Nic's tiny room. . .  It was absurd.  But once we got off the ship we had food and alcohol and life was good again.  On shore we had a fun weekend except where everything that should have been easy was a pain in the ass.  Like renting a car was an ordeal and a half.  But we ended up with a convertible charger for our Road to Hana drive and we can't complain there! 

On the way back we went through a humpback whale sanctuary and were able to see multiple whales -- including one breaching and turning!  There was also a burial at sea which brought me to tears.  And the rest of the day was spent napping in Nic's room watching Elf.  The ride there and back would have been miserable if Nic didn't have a stateroom, but thankfully that wasn't the case.

More on Maui to come! 

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