10 March 2014

Weekly Wishes // 4

I'm writing this as I'm chugging down coffee and pressing "call back" on Southwests customer care line for the 20th time. . it's a Monday morning at its finest.

Last weeks wishes were a bust. I tried! Things definitely just did not line up well. I did get a nannying job though so I am so excited to be starting later this morning!

Last weeks wishes:
[1] Book my ticket home! I'm going home for a week in March (I'm so excited) and need to get my tickets. I planned on using my free round trip voucher to get home. Two entire days on the phone with Airtran and then Southwest and some calls in-between is leaving this impossible. Someone gave me their customer relations number yesterday but its been busy all morning. Woo. 
[2] Book our reservations for our dating anniversary! It's the 15th so I want to make sure we get in at the time we want. 
[3] Try a new recipe. 
[4] Research and decide what plants and veggies I want to plant for summer. I bought bulbs and dirt from Sam's for flowers that I intend on planting tomorrow or Wednesday, but I didn't get to sit down and look up veggies! 

This week:
[1] Figure out when I can use my tickets to visit either home or my grandparents. Maybe even get in touch with customer relations and actually get home next week. .

[2] Buy sunscreen so I don't get burnt to a crisp again like I did on Saturday. I haven't been fried this crispy in a looooooong time. 

[3] Get all proofs and orders completed. 

[4] Continue on my running plan! I've been doing well and don't want to let this sunburn throw me off my game! 

I hope y'all have a great week lined up as well! 

The Nectar Collective

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