10 September 2012

Motivational Monday: Goals

Now that the fall semester is in full swing I've decided to put together a "goals and motivation" post. I personally do better when I can visualize what my goals are and forgetfulness is removed from the equation of getting things done. And who knows, maybe some of you share the same goals and we can work together by encouraging each other to meet them! I attempting to separate my goals from needing to be completed this month vs those that were for the semester but quite a few overlapped in both sections so I left it as one list.

- Post about my apartment. In two Fridays I am going to be living here for FIVE months! Time is flying by, I feel like I just left Florida yesterday. The worst part about this is that I haven't posted anything showing y'all what my fabulous apartment looks like. It's coming, I promise!
- Paint my apartment
- Try a new recipe at least once a week. Sloppy Joe's are good, and cheap, and easy to make. They've always been a favorite of mine and since moving on my own they've become a staple in my diet. I have a freezer full of meats -- good recipe worthy meat -- so there's really no reason I can't broaden my horizon a bit.
- Go to happy hour with friends (or video chat/dinner party/wine night) at least once a week.

I've realized it's quite easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of school, nannying and seeing nic on the weekends making it easy to forget about quality friend time. Not being in a dorm means I'm not being forced to "bond" with people. . I mean I don't need someone to go to dinner with. And I'm done partying so there goes that "activity". I have a great group of friends up here and quality girl time is getting an umph up in my priority list.
- Blog more! I've been slacking on my blogging. I have six drafts started but I just keep procrastinating publishing them. I'll be getting on that. 
- Not procrastinate. Oh what a typical goal college/school/everyone goal. I don't get home until 10:30-11 on Monday and Wednesday and have to leave at 7 on Tuesday and Thursday. This weekend starts the busy weekend schedule, and football games start next weekend. I want to get all A's so study time it is. (Also I want study buddies!)
- Go to Church every Sunday. I'm ashamed to say I've only gone to church twice since moving up here.  But I am proud to say I went to church by myself for the first time yesterday. It's a pleasant five minute walk away. There's absolutely no reason not to go. 
- Gym! Over the summer Nic and I signed up for Gold's together. I was doing GREAT for a while, running at least three times a week. .and then I went home, lost my grove and haven't gone back since. Whoops? I also have never run a 5k, or marathon, or anything and I really want to without making a fool of myself. There's a 5k at a vineyard at the end of October that just has my name all over it. 

I'm leaving y'all with a happy little quote that is going to be my inspiration for the week. We all have our own dreams and whether you're focusing on those that are big and grand or the smaller and "goals" it's important to never lose sight of them.

Have a great week love bugs!

Ciao!  xoxo.

PS: I hope you like what I've done with the place! :)

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