19 February 2013

Wedding Bliss

This past month has been full to the brim with fun things to do. We've done a lot of things in terms of wedding planning and I finally started my last spring semester ever of undergrad. It's been both overwhelming and extremely exciting.
Towson starts ridiculously late, like our first day of the spring semester was on the 28th. Crazy. 

We've picked both of baker and venue and were able to do one of the funnest parts of planning so far -- our tastings. While I won't spoil anything for anyone I will say I have been dreaming of our cake for the past four weeks. It's to die for. And our reception food shall be just as delish. 

I hope all y'alls taste buds are getting ready. June 1st is fast approaching and just keeps getting better and better. 
A special thanks to Vicki and Charlie for coming to our reception tasting with us! You're both the best. 

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