16 January 2013

Our Christmas Break

This Christmas was a hectic but really fun. Nic and I spent out first Christmas Eve/Christmas Day together and it was fabulous!  We went to Christmas Eve mass with his family in St.Pete and then came home and had Christmas Eve dinner with my family followed by a midnight mass. It was so nice to wake up next to each other and open presents together. Nic's family doesn't do the silly underwear and sock type presents so it was amusing to see 

We've never really talked about our individual families Christmas traditions before so it was fun to learn how differently we celebrated it throughout our childhoods. For example, all of our presents as kids were from Santa, while all of Nic's were from his parents and only one came from Santa. Interesting. . I can't wait until we have kids so we can smooth everything together. 

We made homemade peppermint vodka as gifts and it was awful. Darn you Pinterest. But hey, at least the thoughts were there. We also actually went out for New Years Eve, weird, but fun!

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